Why be Catholic?

What did St. Paul mean when he spoke of members of the community being the one “Body of Christ”? Does the Church need us or do we need the Church? How are we supposed to pick the right church anyway? We have proven the Divinity of Jesus so we’ll stick with Christian beliefs. Rather than delving into 35,000 denominations, we’ll stick with the only Church traceable directly back to Jesus Christ. Does Church Authority limit me or guide me? Did Jesus intend a line of succession and did he really promise to send the Holy Spirit to guide His Church? Was Peter really the first Pope? Was his authority acknowledged? What about Peter’s successors? Why do we pray to Mary and the Saints? Is Jesus really present in the Eucharist?

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CC Little Book, Vol. 6

PDF, 20 pages

CC Big Book, Vol. 6

PDF, 60 pages