The Significance of Jesus

The material in this book is really the story of how Jesus changed the world we live in. We look at 7 common attributes of major religions. Then we compare how Jesus, quite literally, changed the history of religions. Along the way, we reveal four unique aspects of His revelation. God’s love is revealed through the parable of the Prodigal Son and this leads us to Jesus’ love for the poor, the sick and possessed and his loving acceptance of sinners. His unconditional love is shared at the last Supper and we see him fulfilling the will of the Father through his death on a cross and His resurrection – conquering death once and for all. The last 4 chapters look at who Jesus said he was, Who God is Not, How Jesus’ salvation is for all mankind, and just how Jesus’ teaching affected our world culture. All of this is found in the Big Book.

CC Little Book, Vol. 4

PDF, 29 pages

CC Big Book, Vol. 4

PDF, 97 pages