The Church and Spiritual Conversion

Do we really need a Church? Can’t we just go up on a mountain and worship in our own way? Learn about the difference between the “outer word” and the “inner word” and why they are both so important. How does our lay consensus get converted to Dogma? It happened with the Immaculate Conception consensus (covered in this presentation) – can it happen again? What does the Church offer to help our Spiritual Conversion? What is the gain for time spent in contemplation? It will lead us away from sin as we must choose one over the other. Why do we pray to the Blessed Mother and other saints? What does it really mean to be of “One Body in Christ?” There is simply too much information to include it all here. See the table of contents in the Big Book for more info.

CC Little Book, Vol. X

PDF, 0 pages

CC Big Book, Vol. 12

PDF, 114 pages