MTP Pilot

MTP Pilot Participants have access to the recorded MTP webinars taught by Father Spitzer during Fall of 2020, the Advanced Workbooks and Additional Resources. This link is a hidden link for MTP Pilot participants. Upon viewing the webinars (if not in attendance) and once you have read each of the Advanced Workbooks please email Janell at for your Certificate of Contemporary Apologetics!

MTP Webinars

Advanced Workbooks

Additional Resources

Advanced Module 1

Advanced Module 2

Advanced Module 3

Advanced Module 4

Advanced Module 5

Advanced Module 6

Advanced Module 7

Advanced Module 8

Brief Version - Philosophical Proof of God

Complete Version - Philosophical Proof of God

Hermeneutic Principles

Module 1
Evidence of a Transphysical Soul

Module 2
Evidence for God from Contemporary Science

Module 3
Proof of God and Relevant Questions

Module 4
Evidence for Jesus and His Divinity

Module 5
Why the Catholic Church?

Module 6
Happiness and Purpose in Life

Module 7
Making Sense of Suffering

Module 8
Living on Level Four in the Catholic Church

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