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In 20 Modules, the Credible Catholic Series explains the Catechism by “Parts” while addressing issues affecting and infecting our religion.

The Profession of Faith - Part 1

Why do we believe what we believe? These 5 modules provide important answers to questions about the existence of God and our soul that are not discussed in the Catechism. The historicity and Divinity of Jesus are also explained.

Module 2

A. Evidence of our Transphysical Soul / Medicine
B. Evidence of our Soul / Transcendental Desires – Coming soon

Module 4

The Significance of Jesus – Coming soon

Module 5

The Trinity, Incarnation, and Last Things – Coming soon

The Celebration of the Christian Mystery - Part 2

Why do we need a church? Why the Catholic Church? Knowing God through revelation and inspiration. The Sacraments, Jesus and the New Testament and much more all in 7 inspired modules.

Module 7

Inspiration, Canonicity and the Old Testament – Coming soon

Module 8

Jesus and the New Testament – Coming soon

Module 9

The Sacred Eucharistic Liturgy – Coming soon

Module 10

Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Orders, Sacrament of the Sick – Coming soon

Module 11

Marriage – Coming soon

Module 12

Sacramentals, Devotions, and Traditions – Coming soon

Life in Christ - Part 3

5 Modules show how life in Christ leads us to the 4th level of Happiness (learn about the 4 levels). Why does a loving God allow suffering anyway? In Jesus’ holy name we still cast out evil (evil does exist in our world). Why do we need the Church to guide our ethics?

Christian Prayer - Part 4

These final 3 Modules show us how a relationship with Christ can help us through our daily routines – especially with “spontaneous prayers” (like, “HELP”). Faith CAN help us contend with Suffering. How Examen, Discernment, and Contemplation help us.

Module 18

Relationship with Christ and Spontaneous Prayers – Coming soon

Module 20

Examen, Discernment and Contemplation – Coming soon