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Diocesan Leadership


Diocesan Director, Office of Catechetics

Diocese of Lafayette, LA

121 Religious Education Programs

“In a culture where millennials are leaving the Church at staggering rates because they are convinced that organized religion is irrelevant and irreconcilable with modern science, Father Robert Spitzer has developed free online science based apologetics and usable resources to answer this generations doubts about the reality of God.

This well documented information shows why leading with dogma and morality is ineffective for retention while providing evidence for the most asked but unanswered questions of this generation concerning the immortality of the soul, the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth, and the complimentary nature of faith and science. Credible Catholic is the future of evangelization and catechesis.”


Public Speaker

Volunteer, Parish Catechist Aide

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA

“The Credible Catholic program has been an incredibly fascinating way to learn about the major questions of life! The material is developed and presented in a way that any ordinary layperson can understand the profound wisdom, depth, and knowledge of the great philosophers and theologians.

Everything from the meaning of happiness and the meaning of suffering, from life to death is covered. All of which is shown in a simple and easy-to-follow manner that can truly benefit anyone at nearly any age! The Magis Personnel involved are great teachers and moderators! Huge kudos to Fr. Robert Spitzer for all the great work he continues to do through Credible Catholic and the Magis Center!”


Director of Children’s Ministry

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

Diocese of Orange, CA

158 Students, Early Childhood Program to Grade 8

“Our 6, 7 & 8-grade students constantly raise intriguing questions during our Religious Education classes. These age groups continuously challenge our catechist/volunteer teachers because they want to think about their faith in a deeper way. We found the 7 Essential Modules to be our way to respond to the need of our students and equip our volunteer teachers to lead our students in a more meaningful conversation.

We were all set in April to conduct the coursework during our Sunday live classes of the 7 Essential Credible Catholic Modules after Holy Week. Unfortunately, we were all ceased to stop due to the pandemic situation. However, through the Holy Spirit paving the way, it became very timely that the Magis Center facilitated the “live” online sessions. We requested at least one parent join their student/child while participating in the session. This enables us to provide the same tone of under-standing and actively engaged the parents in the student’s faith journey.

As said, the parents truly appreciated it and for most, it brought a refreshing new approach to table dinner discussion with the entire family. Some parents mentioned that it provided an avenue to be closer and to have a more open relationship with their growing teens.
The sessions became interesting as we moved from one module to the next. Having Father Spitzer join the Q & A portion towards the end was a PLUS factor. His response to the questions raised which leads from one discussion to the next was a BONUS. We will continue to include the 7 Essen-tial Credible Catholic Modules to our middle school Religious Education program.”

Sir Randy
P. Pagnotta

KHS, Eastern, Lieutenancy, U.S.A.

Ambassador for the Faith

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

“Truly an awe inspiring experience, helping me to sharpen my spiritual axe, reaffirming what I al-ready understood, correcting what I misunderstood and awakening me to what has been lost. The Credible Catholic Series is lucid, well organized and meticulously laid out, all of which are important elements needed if your goal is returning proper apologetics to the educational system.

Under the stewardship of Father Spitzer the series and supplemental tools assembled will undoubt-edly fan the embers of Faith instructing our youth in proper discernment in a world dominated by secular myth. In addition to students, anyone who participates in the series, practicing Catholics, the fallen away, as well as the non-believers, could benefit from the truth so logically and poignantly laid bare. In my opinion, the Credible Catholic Series is poised to become the standard by which all other catechesis will be measured; for the glory of God our Father, Son and Holy Ghost”.


Aerospace Engineer from MIT

Postulant with the Sisters of Life

Our Lady of the Poor Cathedral

Diocese of Zacatecoluca, El Salvador

“Ever since I first encountered Fr. Spitzer’s work, I was awestruck by the depth, rigor, logical ra-tionale tied to theory, and the coherence in which he presented the principal tenets of the Catholic faith. For the first time in my life, somebody articulated for me the vastness, depth, and intelligibility of the faith, and presented a perspective that was not only non-dismissive of the hard questions but also profoundly reverential to the curious nature of the human mind.

Fr. Spitzer’s approach compellingly shows that religion and science are two compatible and com-plementary paths to truth. It serves as a strong encouragement and a wide-open door to the faith for those souls that deeply treasure the marvels of science, and would never accept to compromise on the intellectual mind. It is the absolutely necessary work of our times.”


Sister Marie
Benedict Elliott, F.S.E

Religion Teacher

Archdiocese of Hartford, CT

St. Paul Catholic High School

“With the encouragement of our local archbishop, our entire religion faculty has integrated the core Credible Catholic modules into our curriculum across all high school grade levels. The modules pair well with and complement our existing curriculum framework. The instructional files and addition-al resources are ‘user-friendly’ and versatile. Easily accessible online, Credible Catholic modules of-fer educators and catechists flexibility for both in-class instruction and a ‘flipped-classroom’ ap-proach to independent student learning.

Grounded in the Catechism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Credible Catholic content is truly ‘credible’ and ‘Catholic.’ The creative use of text, images, and videos in Credible Catholic modules strengthens students’ understanding and retention of the ‘good news’ teaching at the heart of this program, and thoughtful discussion questions along the way help to facilitate a living encounter with Christ and the Church. Credible Catholic staff members are readily available to support instruc-tors, who are welcome to use any combination of modules, or selected portions of resources, ac-cording to their needs. Credible Catholic offers these treasures at no financial cost.

Thank you, Father Spitzer and the Credible Catholic Team, for this generous and valuable contribu-tion to the new evangelization!”


University Engineering Professor

Catholic Ministries Volunteer


Credible Catholic is Incredible
It excites the mind
It soothes the soul
It makes the Catholic Church
A place kids want to go
It convinces the doubters
And makes them believers
It brings back the drifters

And makes them never-leavers
Even the faithful
Will rejoice with delight
With this rock-solid evidence
“Where has this been all my life!”
So thank you Father Spitzer
For Credible Catholic
And for the Magis Center
You’ve again worked your magic!


Middle School Teacher

Good Shepherd Catholic School

Diocese of San Diego, CA

Credible Catholic has renewed in me my love of studying and learning about my faith. The history, tradition, Scripture mystery, and wonder that I have been able to explore again with new eyes and a new heart have come at a very important point in my life. The content of Credible Catholic validates many thoughts and feelings that I have about daily life.

This program has also brought me closer to Jesus as I have learned more about his life, death, and resurrection. This program will engage anyone as they continue with their journey in faith. After studying this program, I truly have a deeper appreciation for being Catholic, and I would like to share these lessons with others.


Religious Studies Chair

Mater Dei Catholic High School

Diocese of San Diego, CA

I have used a few bits and pieces of “Evidence of God from Science” from Module 2 in my freshman Divine Revelation course. Students have always reacted favorably, and it has helped break down the myth that Science and Religion are at odds. I have never used a full Module, however, I am familiar with them and have always wanted to utilize them in my courses. Because of the volume of infor-mation in the modules, I was never able to figure out how to use them and cover the Theology cur-riculum mandated in the USCCB Framework.

The MTP pilot and webinar presentations have been fabulous. I can’t figure out how Fr. Spitzer keeps so much information in his mind! I love that we have access to the presentation recordings, the Advanced Workbooks and the Big Book.

The Credible Catholic LMS is amazing. It has taken what was an overwhelming amount of infor-mation that was complicated and now presents clear, manageable, and simple, but important and powerful material that anyone can follow. The LMS is very easy to navigate and the lessons are ef-fortless. This is a game-changer as far as using Credible Catholic as an enrichment extension for our high school curriculum.

Seriously, I am extremely excited about the LMS!



Student, Home Learning

Diocese of Orange, CA

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

“The Credible Catholic program was fantastic! Giuliana and I both enjoyed it very much. As an engi-neer myself, I found the “logical arguments” for our faith so compelling. Robert Alderman was a great speaker, as well. He was so funny and passionate about the material. It really kept us engaged. Thanks again for providing such a high quality program.”



Parent and Student, Home Learning

Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

“Thank you, Father Spitzer, Magis Center personnel, and everyone behind the scenes who made this class possible! These 7 Essentials – Credible Catholic classes, of invaluable information have been a tremendous blessing. They were the glory of the pandemic.”

Heather and
Jetta Seckinger

Parent and Student, Home Learning

Middle School Youth Ministry

Diocese of Orange, CA

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

“Jetta enjoyed the science aspects of the program, especially behind the Shroud of Turin in module four.”
– Heather.

“I also liked the stories about Jesus’ life.” – Jetta

Student Participants


Student, Home Learning

Parish Catechist

Diocese of Orange County, CA

“You are doing a really great job out in front. I get emails in my in box from every other Catholic publisher and vendor that says, “click here, sample this book series, etc.” You’re the only ones that offered to teach us HOW! Teach the teachers, teach the parents, teach the children – this is fantastic! A great leadership model in a time when few others are leading who should be!”


Student, Home Learning



“Thank you guys for these great modules. Now I am even more prepared to defend the faith!”


Student, Home Learning

Diocese of Spokane, WA


“Thank you so much everyone! These modules have been really interesting and I have really enjoyed them. Thanks again!”


High School

Don Boco Technical Institute

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA;

“It brings up many interesting arguments that many people don’t know about.”

“I would recommend this because I feel that the presentation was rich with valuable information on Jesus’ resurrection and had strong evidence for it.”


High School

Don Boco Technical Institute

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA

“I had no idea that this evidence even existed.”

“I would recommend this because they will have a better base of Jesus’ path and way. And they will learn more about Christ.”


University of Melbourne

Diocese of Melbourne, AU


“The manner in which the content was presented and articulated leaves little doubt for the viewer. They are engaging and entertaining, inspiring and innovative. The work you have done in developing them is absolutely vital at present and I hope and pray for its success.”

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Faith’s Connection with Science

Despite Chance and Randomness, Universe Still has Purpose

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