Beta Site Notice

Welcome to the Credible Catholic Website. Please be aware, this site is incomplete. The MODULES tab has some of the 20 Modules available (1,2,3,6,13,& 19). It is posted primarily for you to see the Volume and Chapter Titles that will be available by mid-2018.

In the PROGRAMS tab, only “The 7 Essential Modules” is live (The 7th module will be running by mid-January). The early release is to allow the 7 essentials to be used immediately. All programs should be available by Q3 of 2018.

We encourage you to read through all of the information under the ABOUT tab to fully understand this new FREE modular product. Each module has a slide presentation with embedded videos and audio files, a Presentation Guide with additional presenter notes, an online Little Book and an online Big Book for reference materials and additional reference videos and articles for even more topical information.