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High School students rated Credible Catholic as having improved or greatly improved their faith

Number of students, globally, who've benefited from Credible Catholic teachers

Approximately 92 U.S. dioceses are in the process of implementing Credible Catholic, additionally all dioceses in Ireland

{Credible Catholic has become our way to respond to the need of our students and equip our volunteer teachers to lead our students in a more meaningful conversation.{
Louie Mauban
Diocese of Orange, CA
{The future of evangelization and catechesis. In a culture where millennials are leaving the Church at staggering rates because they are convinced that organized religion is irrelevant and irreconcilable with modern science, Fr. Spitzer gives us Credible Catholic to answer this generation's doubts about the reality of God.{
Chad Judice
Diocese of Lafayette, LA
{Credible Catholic reaffirmed what I already understood, corrected what I misunderstood and awakened me to what has been lost. It’s poised to become the standard by which all other catechesis will be measured.{
Sir Randy Pagnotta
KHS, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA

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