Does God Exist?

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Because we get e-mails like this everyday: “I have some who think they are atheists in my eighth grade confirmation classes. Can you help?”


Credible Catholic is a force designed to stem the atrophy from within our Church and theism in general.


We are in the midst of a slow motion emergency. NOW is the time to act.

In 20 Modules, the Credible Catholic Series explains the Catechism by “Parts” while addressing issues affecting and infecting our religion.

Pre-selected programs, built from the Credible Catholic Modules, for Confirmation, RCIA, Marriage, Baptism and The 7 Essential Modules are available with one click.

Greatly improved their faith

A beta test survey at a California HS (2017) showed 97% of the students stated, the Seven Essential Presentation they viewed improved, or greatly improved, their faith. Similar numbers followed with additional Presentations.